While watching a good friend in his milling shop I often wondered if I could create an extremely sought after product like his. One evening , while watching YouTube videos on how to smoke whiskey in a glass. I had an idea and attempted to re-create one made out of wood like the videos. I successfully made a wooden one (proto-type) and wanted something better. I decided to tweak it in a way that I could change the flavor from day to day without it tasting like last weeks flavor and be dishwasher safe. I finally created the SG1 and now I am sharing my design with everyone. The name comes from our wonderful city and state Colorado Springs, Colorado. I also thought to name it Peak something, and came up with Elevation. Then to give it an additional twist, infuse Elevation with my favorite metal Titanium (Ti) and ElevanTi was born. Previous names like Smoking glass came along but they sounded too much like a marijuana based name (I am not against MMJ just didn't want it associated with my products) so I landed upon the product name SG1 (Smoking Glass) Version 1.